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“The Art of Collaboration” Behind the Scenes Video for Bottega Veneta

A stunningly beautiful behind-the-scenes video that gives Bottegga Veneta fans a deeper view into the brand. [via]


Prada Womenswear Fall/Winter 2011 Brand Video

Campaign video by Steven Meisel. [via]


Art and Branding / Vans

Vans leverages short art videos to promote its new line of skate shoes. Via Hyperbeast. 


JCrew Storytelling

JCrew Goes to Italy: About A Thread. Beautiful storytelling that doesn’t break the bank.


Heineken Event + Story Telling


Coca-Cola Club Coke “Daft Punk” Limited Edition Bottles

Brilliant. Via Hyperbeast.


Tony Alva / Pass the Bucket

Considered one of the most influential skaters of all time, Tony Alva partners with Vans for this video episode of ‘Pass the Bucket.’ Beautiful storytelling.