We’ve Moved

We’ve come a long way since 2004 when Enoch, Travis, and Tony quit their day jobs to jump into Case full time. For us, it’s a fairly momentous occasion to have outgrown our Crosby studio; but, after eight years, it was time to move.

Come noon Wednesday morning, we shut down our computers and “unplugged” the studio. A few of us made the rounds armed with screwdrivers, disassembling various furnishings, while others spent the afternoon packing hundreds of art books. Amidst the chaos of the move, a small group kept the ball rolling from home—answering emails and designing in their jammies. Later that evening, the team retired to SoHo Park for burgers and an informal relocation celebration.

We loved Crosby Street and will miss the cool evenings on the roof, Hubert the superintendent’s evergreen smile, and the cobblestones of Crosby street. But we are very excited to have found a much bigger and brighter studio space here at 390 Broadway.


Andrew Zuckerman on Wisdom

We’re big fans of Andrew and his work. In this 99% clip, Andrew shares the lessons learned from his iconic WISDOM project, in which he interviewed “elders” around the world, including Chuck Close, Bill Withers, Jane Goodall, Frank Gehry, Massimo Vignelli, and many more. Zuckerman talks about the anxiety we feel as we start a new projects, how fear can help us get things done, and the importance of honesty and good, old-fashioned hard work.


Catalent 3-D

Our work with Big Apple Visual Group has finally come to life. And it’s awesome! When we first created these corporate illustrations, we didn’t imagine we would be seeing them 12 feet high in the lobby of Catalent’s corporate headquarters. Exploring the depth and transparency was a fun part of the process—and we’re super pleased with the results, especially the detail in placing the letterforms on the wall. So precise!

A.P.C. Updates their E-Comm Site

A.P.C., one of our all-time favorite  brands,  today updated their US e-commerce site. We love the subtle use of video in their Looks section and fun collaborations listed on their Special Projects page.


LA Lights

LA Light from Colin Rich on Vimeo. Beautiful and inspiring.


Facebooking in Bed

I’ll admit it: we Facebook in bed; and this  recent report detailing smartphone-usage trends proves we’re normal. The report finds  35% of Android and iPhone users “interact with non-voice applications on their smartphones before getting out of bed—the most common activity here is checking Facebook.” This definitely rings true for the Facebook / Twitter junkies here at Case). The other interesting point was the frequency and duration of Internet usage before and after the smartphone (see below graphic). We believe this trend will only increasing as mobile hardware, connectivity, and apps expand and improve over time.


“The Art of Collaboration” Behind the Scenes Video for Bottega Veneta

A stunningly beautiful behind-the-scenes video that gives Bottegga Veneta fans a deeper view into the brand. [via]


Prada Womenswear Fall/Winter 2011 Brand Video

Campaign video by Steven Meisel. [via]


Art and Branding / Vans

Vans leverages short art videos to promote its new line of skate shoes. Via Hyperbeast. 


Branding Our Mobile Future

TechCrunch reminding us again about why mobile is the future on the Internets (and yes, this is an iPhone 5 fake).

“The mobile Internet is growing at 8x the speed of the fixed Internet when the Netscape browser was launched in 1994. Stats related to mobile apps are even more astonishing. By the end of 2009 roughly 3 billion mobile apps had been downloaded from iTunes alone. That sounds like a lot, but even the most optimistic analyst projections were blown away in 2010 when (only one year later!) a remarkable 8.2 billion apps were downloaded.”

Now and in the future, brands need to interact with consumers via mobile-optimized site and mobile-specific apps. See TechCrunch article for more info.